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We design, manufacture and install automated machinery and systems for the Aerospace and Composites sectors.

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What we do

We use state-of-the-art technology, combined with the elite skills and experience of our engineering teams, to provide a full range of tailored machines, systems and processes to meet the exacting standards demanded by the aerospace and composites industries. In this fast-moving environment we have the flexibility and capability to help our customers gain a competitive edge.

Products & Processes
WIS Group
  • Preformers


    WIS provides a range of thermal forming systems for dry carbon fibre fabric, pre-preg and other woven materials. The modular design of our Preformers allows our engineering team to tailor the system to customer requirements.

    Our machines feature 'best in class' controls equipment for data acquisition, precision motion and temperature control with the multi-zoned infra-red heating system ensuring temperature uniformity even with complex shapes. Design and build of mechanical, electrical and software systems is carried out in-house by our team of specialist engineers to exacting standards.

  • Spray Booths

    Spray Booths

    We design and build all types of spray and preparation booths that can handle small parts, large scale fuselage and wings. These booths incorporate steam, gas or electric heating sources and operate to high temperature uniformity tolerances.

    Our capability also includes automated paint lines with integrated flight bar transfer systems and robotics. Our engineering team can also upgrade existing spray booths to modern manufacturing standards allowing for more efficient and supportable plant.

  • Chemical Treatment

    Chemical Treatment

    We have expertise in chemical treatment from dosing and temperature control on small manual lines to full SCADA/PLC control of automated transporters for fuselage.

    Our capability includes automated chemical milling lines with high accuracy laser positioning, safety interlocked chemical pumping systems for tank make-up and chemical treatment lines with fully integrated rectifier controls. We can also supply and install effluent plant controls including monitoring, alarm handling, dosing and diversion systems.


Products & Processes


We have strong capabilities across a broad range of processes in the aerospace and composites sectors:

Hot Drape Vacuum Formers
Hot Ply Debulkers

Bespoke machines for thermal forming of composite materials

Automatic table/trolley location system & automatic vacuum seal

Scalable sizes from 1m x 1m to 30m x 4m


Design, installation & automation

Robot Integration

Gas conversions

Chemical Treatment

Automation of chemical milling lines including transporter & rectifier controls

Chemical pumping & dosing systems with safety interlocks

Effluent plant & controls

Heat Treatment

Temperature control

Data acquisition systems

From single zone ovens to highly complex multi-zone systems

Resin Transfer Infusion
Resin Transfer Molding

Fully automated in-autoclave resin delivery & cure systems

Bespoke presses & control systems

Vacuum Drop-Test Systems

Accurate assessment of vacuum integrity of tools before autoclave processing

Ultrasonic Fabric Cutting

Purpose-built machines


Tailored machines for automating the reticulation of thin film adhesives onto honeycomb materials, perforated sheets, mesh, etc

Research & Development

Pilot projects

Prototype machines & testing

Process optimisation & machine enhancement


Automation & Control

We combine a wealth of in-house engineering expertise with the best from automation and control manufacturers.

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Industrial Automation and Instrumentation

Our customers really benefit from our long term relationships with the world's leading players in instrumentation, process control, factory automation and robotics. As partners of companies such as Omron, Eurotherm, Emerson Process Management and Motoman, we have exclusive access to pioneering research and world-class product design. machine The quality of our product portfolio combined with our in-house engineering expertise means we can integrate these products into tailored processes and systems of the highest functionality whilst retaining value for money.

Control Panel Manufacture

We manufacture all MCC's and control panels for our machines and systems in-house. Our team of software engineers takes care of every aspect including programming, testing, commissioning and customer training.

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About WIS

WIS Group has a progressive culture that invests extensively in our people, our products and our capability. This versatility and diversity enables highly specialised teams to operate a co-ordinated and collaborative approach that combines understanding with knowledge and skills with experience.

We also invest continuously in research and development. We have successfully patented innovations in production machinery, such as our preformer hood and vacuum membrane motion control system.

We continually challenge our processes by putting our customers' goals at the very centre of our thinking.

WIS Group – Keeping you at the forefront of innovation.

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Five complimentary departments employing a wealth of engineers, technicians and support staff to deliver exceptional products, projects and services for all industrial sectors.

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